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Consultancy Services

  • Advice and support to organisations for engaging with First Nations people with complex disabilities in a culturally safe way.
  • Advice to Government (State, Federal and Local) and NGO organisations for appropriate engagement with First Nations people with complex disabilities.
  • Bridging assistance to disability organisations to assist in their work with First Nations communities on issues around disability.

Services To the Health System

Deaf Indigenous Community Consultancy (DICC) works with the health system to support First Nations People with a disability. 

DICC supports many service providers including:

  • Aboriginal controlled health centres
  • Local based General Practitioners (GPs)
  • Hospitals (local and remote)
  • Allied health professionals
  • Nurses
  • Mental health teams
  • Acute care facilities
  • Forensic disability services

DICC do this by:

  • Provides health translation for Aboriginal sign languages working with Auslan interpreters
  • One on one support with First Nations people with disability engaging with the health system
  • Providing and establishing culturally safe support for First Nations people with disability and their families
  • Training of health professionals in the cultural needs and issues around supporting First Nations people with disability.
  • Training and provision of information to medical students around working with First Nations People with disability
  • Training of medical staff in working with First Nations people with disability and their communities.

Please contact DICC to discuss your needs. We will endeavour to design our supports around your requirements.


DICC work with the NDIA and NDIS partners to support First Nations people with a disability by:

  • Advice around culturally appropriate decision making
  • Providing support through per- planning and planning process
  • Assistance with plan reviews
  • Support to service providers around provision of culturally appropriate supports.
  • Assisting First Nations people to understand and implement their plans within appropriate cultural frameworks.

Please contact DICC to discuss any issues around NDIS and First Nations people with disability. We will always endeavour to assist where we can.

Services To the Justice System:

  • Supporting Auslan interpreters to assist translating Aboriginal community signs to Auslan and English.
  • Working with justice representatives to identify and plan for complex communication and language needs of First Nations people with disabilities and complex disabilities.
  • Provision of support and training to State, Territory and Federal court systems around the needs of First Nations People with disabilities, including complex disabilities.
  • Support to Traditional Owners and Elders to support First Nations people with disabilities, including complex disabilities, for First Nations culturally specific court processes in city, regional and remote areas.
  • Provision of advice and support to First Nations people, families and communities in relation to justice issues, processes and obligation

If support is required that does not fit into the above descriptions, please contact us. We will be happy to assist if we can.